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Applications of Ion Chromatography in the Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (Amazon.com)

Academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, and instrument manufacturing experts present potential IC applications for product development and quality control testing of pharmaceutical drugs and biologicals. Methods include analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, counterion identification, tests for impurities and degradation products, oligosaccharide and glycan analyses, and fermentation broth monitoring. Principals of ion chromatography, analyte physical parameters, and current ion chromatography technology are also covered. 
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Handbook of Analysis of Oligonucleotides and Related Products 

Use of oligonucleotides in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of disorders is growing rapidly. Researchers and manufacturers are continuously developing analytical techniques to evaluate the identity, purity, and quality of oligonucleotides used for study and therapy. The Handbook of Analysis of Oligonucleotides and Related Products describes some of the most commonly used techniques and methods for the characterization of this class of compounds.

Handbook of Ion Chromatography - 3rd revised and enlarged edition

The third edition of this standard reference by one of the pioneers in the field has been completely revised and doubled in size to cover the numerous developments with respect to applications and instrumentation. Now running to two volumes, added chapters or sections include:

  • A new chapter devoted to ion exchange chromatography
  • Hyphenation with mass spectrometry, including ICP/MS
  • Applications for analysis of carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids
  • Validation of ion-chromatographic methods

With its additional new figures and chromatograms, this handbook remains unparalleled in its timeliness and comprehensiveness.

Ion Chromatography - Principals and Applications

Journal of Chromatography Library - Volume 46

Ion chromatography (abbreviated throughout this text as IC) is an analytical technique for the separation and determination of ionic solutes.

Modern Analytical Chemistry

The analysis of complex mixtures often requires that they first be separated into their components. There are a variety of reasons for this: similarity in the chemistry of the components is one. Even where analytes are few, they can be so overlapping in properties that probes or methods of adequate selectivity are lacking and separation is required. In these cases separation is an essential part of the analytical procedures.