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Software Posters

Software Posters
A Comparison Between On- and Off-Line Two-Dimensional LC for Impurity Profiling of Pharmaceutical Compounds
Advanced HPLC and IC Control Features for Mass Spectrometry Front Ends
An Integrated Solution for Calculating Results from Dissolution Testing According to the USP
An Integrated Solution for Calculating Results from Tests for Content Uniformity of Dosage Units According to the United States and European Pharmacopeia
An Integrated Solution for Validation of Chromatography Methods According to the ICH Guidelines
Auto Dilution Approach for the Automation of Method Validation Steps
Automating Method Development with an HPLC System Optimized for Scouting of Columns and Eluents
Automated Method Development Utilizing Software-Based Optimization and Direct Instrument Control
Benefits of Automated System Start-up and Column Equilibration Procedures
Computer Aided Diagnostics and Troubleshooting of HPLC Instruments
Computer Assisted Design of Column Switching Instrument Methods forReduced Chromatography Run Times
Efficient LC Purification of Combinatorial Libraries with a New Software for Automated Preanalysis, Sample Culling, Purification, and Fraction Analysis
Fast and Flexible Chromatography Data Mining Using a Combination of Advanced Searching and Reporting Tools
Getting More Done with Less Effort: Usability Advances in a New Chromatography Data System
Improve the Reliability of Analytical Data through Automated System Suitability Testing
Interactive Charts: A Powerful New Tool for Understanding Chromatography Data
Same Method—Higher Throughput: Use of Off-Line Column Equilibration and Automated Run Completion Logic to Gain Higher Sample Throughput Without Alterations to Validated Analytical Methods
Seamless Integration of an HPLC System with Most Common MS Platforms
Setting Meaningful Detection and Quantitation Limits for Chromatography Methods
Should Your Autosampler Just Sit and Wait? Intelligent Instrument Control Allows Sharing HPLC Modules Across Systems
Use Dynamic Data Processing to Eliminate the Pain of Reprocessing Chromatography Data
Streamlining Workflows in Chromatography Laboratories
Taking the Pain Out of Chromatographic Peak Integration
Where iTunes Meets Chromatography