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Dionex Offers Scalable Solutions for BioPharmaceuticals

Unlike small molecule pharmaceuticals, the biopharmaceutical industry is faced with discovering, developing, and manufacturing protein and nucleic acid therapies using complex biological environments. Products are cultured from plants, microbial, or mammalian cells in tightly controlled bioreactors. From research to development and through to production, Dionex system solutions provide the scalability and analytical efficiency demanded of modern biopharmaceutical firms.

Monoclonal Antibody Characterization

Thermo Scientific provides inert HPLC systems, software, and a wide range of innovative column chemistries for the highest-quality analysis and throughput of monoclonal antibody samples.

Protein and Antibody Therapeutics Solutions

Dionex offers next generation analytical HPLC systems, combined with outstanding array of column innovations that addresses every facet of protein analysis and characterization.

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

Dionex nucleic acid purification and analysis solutions ensure that the therapeutic oligonucleotides are produced and meet the most stringent quality criteria in terms of purity, potency, efficacy and safety for human use.