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Exceeding Expectations in Protein and Antibody Biopharmaceutical Separations

Therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies form the largest part of the growing biologics drug market and has transformed the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry in the last decade. Protein drugs include blood factors (Factor VIII and Factor IX), thrombolytic agents (tissue plasminogen activator), hormones (insulin, glucagon, growth hormone, gonadotrophins), hematopoietic growth factors (erythropoietin, colony stimulating factors), interferons (interferons-α, -β, -γ), interleukin-based products (interleukin-2) and additional products like tumor necrosis factor and therapeutic enzymes.

Monoclonal antibody treatment are the most effective method for diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of diseases including autoimmune, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, cancer, and inflammation with key advantages offering reduced toxicity and side effects with high targeted specificity.

Dionex provides intelligent HPLC platforms and innovative column chemistries that address every facet of protein and antibody therapeutics R&D and QA/QC challenges to ensure safe biopharmaceuticals.

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