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Biomass Compositional Analysis for Biofuels

Accurate, precise compositional analysis of biomass is critical for understanding and assessing biomass conversion technology. Analytical methods that provide a high degree of confidence are required for accurate yield and mass balance calculations, which in turn are necessary for sound cost estimates for biofuels production.

Dionex’s high performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAE-PAD) delivers excellent baseline separation for quantitation of biomass-derived sugars. With recent improvements in our carbohydrate column technology and our new low-volume microloop injection valve technology, you can achieve faster, more precise analysis with higher sample throughput than ever before.

The Benefits of Fast HPAE-PAD without Dilution Errors

Compositional analysis of corn stover is important for assessing the range of compositional variability present in the matrix, particularly the potential for increasing carbohydrate content in commercial corn varieties.

The Dionex method for monosaccharide analysis permits determination of carbohydrates by direct injection using HPAE-PAD detection in <10 min. Our new low-volume injection valve provides baseline-resolved separation of highly concentrated samples (up to 100 g/L) without dilution, thus eliminating dilution errors while delivering stellar performance.


HPAE-PAD is an ideal technique for analysis of carbohydrate content in complex matrices because its wide dynamic range permits analysis of multiple compounds present in disparate concentrations. Coupled with the high-efficiency, ultrafast extraction capabilty of ASE, analysis that once required days now takes only minutes!