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Biomass Extraction for Biofuels

Typically, a major bottleneck in biomass sample analysis is the solvent extraction required for the removal of non-structural compounds that may interfere with subsequent sample analysis. The Dionex ASE system is the instrument of choice for herbaceous biomass extraction, and it is a part of many standardized methods including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Laboratory Analytical Procedure for Determination of Extractives in Biomass and the ASTM E1690 method for biomass extraction.

The Power of Accelerated Solvent Extraction for Biomass Analysis

The Dionex ASE system reduces sample extraction times by a factor of ten compared to Soxhlet or sonication extraction. In addition, the ASE system greatly increases productivity by permitting faster, hands-free, automated extractions of biomass samples.

Advantages of Biomass Extraction Using the ASE System

  • Automated extraction of feedstocks
  • Automated biomass pretreatment
  • Improved precision and accuracy
  • Minimization of time and labor
  • Minimization of solvent usage
  • Improved analytical reproducibility
  • Increased sample throughput

The Dionex solution to biomass sample extraction also represents a commitment to protecting the environment ecosystem. By reducing solvent use (up to 90% over conventional extraction techniques) and significantly increasing sample throughput while reducing sample handling, your laboratory can realize significant savings in solvent disposal costs and labor-hours, while minimizing the impact on our fragile ecosystem.