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Fermentation Monitoring for Biofuels

Optimization of fermentation processes are critical for maximizing the yields of the final product while ensuring consistent product quality, even during scale-up of biofuels production.

Fermentation Process Monitoring

Fermentation is a process in which microbial organisms undergo reactions with sugars to produce alcohols for use in the development of biofuels. Fermentation reactions must be closely monitored to gauge the health of the solution broth and to determine when the reaction should be quenched to obtain optimal product yields.

Corn Mash Fermentation Analysis

Precise monitoring of fermentation in ethanol production is critical for maximizing fermentation rates and minimizing organic acid inhibitors. A key requirement is determining three different analyte classes—carbohydrates, organic acids, and alcohols—in a single analytical run. For this application, the Dionex Integral Process Analytical System using HPLC with refractive index detection, permits simultaneous monitoring of multiple analyte classes.