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Oilseed Extraction for Biofuels

Agronomists are continually investigating new ways to improve yields from oilseed crops and attempting to optimize the composition of the lipids extracted. Solvent extraction is a common method for removal of oil from oilseeds, with traditional solvent extraction methods requiring large volumes of solvent (typically several hundred milliliters) and long extraction times (8-16 h).

Automated Extraction of Pure Plant Oils for Biodiesel

To maintain feedstock quality control and maximize oil content and recovery, it is important to establish regulatory methods so results from alternate sources can be compared. While the European Norm (EN) has specified conventional Soxhlet extraction and NMR imaging for determining oil content in oilseed crops, these methods have costly and environmentally unfriendly disadvantages, including labor-intensive methods requiring highly skilled operators, and large sample amounts.

The accelerated solvent extraction technique developed by Dionex overcomes these limitations, and can be applied to oil content extraction of third-generation biodiesel feedstocks, including microalgae and jatropha. The ASE® 100 system gives comparable results to those obtained from conventional Soxhlet extraction in a much faster time and uses much less solvent.