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Process streams, waste streams, chemical, and petrochemical products by their nature are complex matrices that must be monitored for both desirable and undesirable species. Production efficiency and quality control of chemicals and petrochemicals require optimal process control. Achieve process monitoring 24 hours per day, seven days per week with rugged, low maintenance analyzers. Chemical process development and optimization also requires high performance, flexible chromatography instrumentation.

Numerous matrices are encountered in the production of chemicals and petrochemicals, from solids to liquids to gases.  Dionex, innovators in liquid chromatography, provides application solutions for inorganic anion and cation determinations by ion chromatography.  In recent years, Dionex has expanded its applications well beyond the original focus of anions and cations to include a broad range of proven HPLC separation technologies for chemical analysis, sample preparation, and laboratory automation.

Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Numerous matrices are encountered in the production of fine and speciality chemicals. Dionex pioneered matrix elimination techniques for monitoring trace ion contamination to meet quality guidelines for high purity concentrated reagents such as isopropyl alcohol, N-methyl pyrolidone and hydrogen peroxide.


Dionex delivers a complete workflow solution from sample preparation and extraction, raw materials analysis, fermentation/bioreactor process monitoring and quality assurance testing of biofuels.

Petroleum Refining

Ion chromatography is used for several critical cost-saving determinations in the petroleum industry. Applications are focused on preventing serious production problems, such as scale formation, corrosion damage, and accidental environmental releases.

Consumer Products

Dionex innovations in separations technology have led to methods for testing of additives, contaminants, and hazardous substances in many household and consumer products.

Plastics and Polymers

Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) is a powerful technique that can be used to reliably extract additives from polymeric materials.

Pulp and Paper

A wide variety of phenolic compounds can be determined using reversed-phase separations and either UV or amperometric detection.

Plating Baths

HPLC and IC are efficient analytical techniques that can be used to quickly determine both trace and major constituents of a wide variety of electroplating solutions, acid etchants, conversion coatings, cleaning solutions, and the various rinses and wastewaters derived from these solutions.