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Scientists monitor impurities in drinking water, ground water, and wastewater at trace levels. Pollutants, such as ionic and non-ionic compounds, are evaluated using Dionex technology according to regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other institutions throughout the world. Other areas of Dionex’s involvement include homeland security analyses to identify explosives and chemicals influencing the safety of the living environment, and pollution testing for the analysis of air, soil, and solid waste.

Water Analysis

Dionex is committed itself to enhancing the quality of our global water resources. As innovation leaders in ion and liquid chromatography, our analytical instruments are used by government and industry to provide powerful solutions for environmental water testing for a wide range of regulated and emerging inorganic elements and organic compounds.

Soil Analysis

Analyses of environmental matrices other than water are necessary to ensure clean air, contamination free soil, and proper disposal of hazardous wastes. Dionex leads the way in innovative solutions for the analysis of air, soil, and wastes.

Air Analysis

URG and Dionex have teamed up to provide a complete solution for air monitoring. As a leader in air sampling, URG has a family of products for air sampling including denuders and particle analyzers. As the ion chromatography leader and developers of Reagent-Free IC systems, Dionex provides the ultimate in air analysis capabilities.

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