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Fast Water Analysis

High-Throughput Solutions for Inorganic and Organic Contaminant Analyses

The Challenge:

Emerging contaminants…Stricter regulations...Growing municipalities and industries.
All increase analytical laboratories’ workloads, requiring processing of more samples and performing more tests in less and less time.

Dionex has developed new technologies and methods to help labs and businesses increase their productivity and throughput for the analysis of inorganic and organic contaminants in a variety of water matrices.

Speed · Simplicity · Solutions


IonPac® Fast IC columns for anions, organic acids, oxyhalides, cations, and amines use the same proven chemistry in shorter column formats, decreasing run times by up to 3× while still retaining sufficient resolution.

Acclaim® RSLC columns for organic contaminants use smaller particles that allow higher flow rates at standard pressures, and compatibility with higher pressure systems. When used with the UltiMate® 3000 RSLC systems, these columns provide separation times up to 30× faster than standard columns and systems.

Inorganic Contaminants

The Dionex Reagent-Free capillary ICS-5000 system provides IC on demand, reducing equilibration times and calibration requirements, saving labor and increasing throughput. The innovative IC Cube cartridge, with half the connections of a standard IC setup, makes plumbing and reconfiguring the system easier. Capillary Fast IC and monolith columns combine the speed of Fast IC with the convenience of IC whenever you need it—on demand. The simultaneous injection, sample and standard preparation, and AutoDilution features of the AS-AP Autosampler increase throughput, reduce manual labor, and decrease delays from out-of-range samples.

Organic Contaminants

Dionex UltiMate 3000 HPLC and RSLC systems are all UHPLC+ focused, enabling faster separations at standard HPLC system prices. From the economical Basic Automated system to the x2 Dual RSLC system for high throughput, automated sample preparation, sample concentration, and matrix elimination, Dionex has the system to fit your needs and budget.

The Chromeleon® 7.1 Chromatography Data System software streamlines your path from samples to results. eWorkflows guide the operator through a minimal number of choices needed to run that workflow, making setup of even the most complex multidimensional analysis easy. Data analysis tools help users process chromatograms with minimal effort, report templates and audit trails help ensure regulatory compliance, and System Wellness tools increase uptime.

Dionex is committed to enhancing the quality of our global water resources. Our analytical instruments are used by government and industry labs globally, to provide services for environmental water testing for a wide range of regulated and emerging inorganic elements and organic compounds. For an overview of our environmental water analysis capabilities, please download our brochure Water Analysis for a Global Market. Comprehensive applications for a variety of analytes, including emerging contaminants, can be found in our Environmental Market pages under Water Analysis.