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Medical Sciences

Promoting Health Through:

  • Basic research
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Metabolic studies
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Treatment and prevention

For almost three decades, Dionex has been a partner in basic biomedical research that increases the understanding of life processes and lays the foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Biological matrices such as whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF, urine, and body tissue are all sufficiently complex to challenge the accuracy and specificity of most analytical methods. Dionex has developed a wide range of powerful HPLC separation and detection systems to facilitate the analysis of endogenous molecules, drugs, and drug metabolites in these matrices. For tissue samples, Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE®) systems may be the perfect solution for rapid, simplified, and highly efficient extraction of the analytes of interest. Dionex workstations coordinate the instrument functions completely to free your time for other tasks. When the analyses are finished, you will have thoroughly documented results and tools to help mine information from that database. Consider Dionex as a partner in your next set of studies.

Anions and Cations

Dionex’s reputation for the separation and detection of anions and cations (inorganic and organic) is unsurpassed in the liquid chromatography market.


Dionex has coupled high-performance anion chromatography with derivatization-free, pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) and mass spectrometry for direct quantification and qualitative analyses.

Proteins and Peptides

The world's most challenging separations are found in the field of proteomics. The number of different proteins and peptides, range of concentrations, and subtle differences introduced by post-translational modifications (PTMs) require the highest level of performance in all facets of the separation process.

Peptide Mapping

Whether the analysis workflow is top-down or bottom-up, peptide mapping by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry is an essential step in the determination of protein composition.