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Proteins and Peptides

The world's most challenging separations are found in the field of proteomics. The number of different proteins and peptides, range of concentrations, and subtle differences introduced by post-translational modifications (PTMs) require the highest level of performance in all facets of the separation process. The combined selectivity of one or more orthogonal separation mechanisms is commonly required to resolve complex biological matrices. Chromatographic scales often vary from nL/min to many mL/min as studies progress from discovery to production. Dionex has flexible tools to address these problems and support the success of your bioanalytical projects, including:

  • Monitoring protein heterogeneity due to sialylation, C-terminal truncation, N-terminal pyroglutamate formation, Asn deamidation, glycosylation, and more
  • High performance ion exchange, IMAC, HIC, and RP columns
  • Patented nano-bead technologies and novel monolithic phases ideally suited to macromolecules