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Amino Acid Analysis

Amino acid analysis is an essential tool for a many life science laboratories. Dionex has the HPLC tools to accomplish all standard precolumn (PITC, FMOC, OPA, etc.) and postcolumn (OPA, ninhydrin, etc.) derivatization methods. For many amino acid analyses, Dionex has been able to eliminate the derivatization reactions and simplify detection using pulsed amperometric detection (PAD). Whether the amino acid sample is a protein hydrolysate or fermentation broth media, Dionex can configure an ideal solution. We can help you analyze:

  • Fermentation broths and cell cultures
  • Protein and peptide hydrolysates (HCl, MSA, NaOH)
  • Amino acids, phosphoamino acids, carbohydrates, and amino sugars—in the same run
  • Amino acids such as tryptophan and sulfur-containing amino acids

Dionex methods can reach PAD detection limits in the low- to sub-picomole range, and support postcolumn derivatization for the amino acid profile of physiological fluids.