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Protein Purification

Next Generation Protein Purification HPLC Systems and Outstanding Column Innovations for High Resolution Protein Purification

Isolating a protein of interest in sufficiently pure form is an essential step prior to any structural and functional characterization of any proteins of interest. Low or high pressure liquid chromatography is the preferred method for protein purification. This can be a simple one-step procedure exploiting the binding affinity of or for a protein of interest, or a laborious multistep process that takes advantage of differences in protein size and physico-chemical properties. Protein separations can range from nano, capillary, micro, analytical to preparative scale and often involves fraction collection for subsequent work.

Dionex offers next generation protein purification HPLC systems and an outstanding array of column innovations that addresses every facet of protein purifications; the high resolution that is mandated in nano scale separation for biomarker discovery to high capacity required at preparative scale; for the research scientists that demand highest application flexibility, to highly specialized and regulated purification of recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody therapeutics where robustness, reliability,and throughput is considered absolutely necessary.