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Drug Development

Flexible Systems for Drug Development Chemists

Pharmaceutical drug development encompasses a wide range of capabilities and responsibilities. Method development, formulation, forced degradation, and clinical trials present a demanding workload. Chemists need reliable systems with high throughput capabilities.

Dionex offers a broad spectrum of solutions for the drug development chemists which range from simple isocratic systems to ultra high performance liquid chromatographs (UHPLC) to ion chromatographs to parallel HPLC systems. System solutions designed to be fit for purpose.

Extreme Throughput for Pre-Clinical Drug Development

Pre-clinical and clinical development scientists need reliable analytical systems. Dionex UHPLC and IC solutions accelerate your workflow without compromise.

Clinical Trials for Drug Development

Dionex RSLC and x2 Dual system solutions offer speed and sensitivity for unparalleled productivity in clinical trials.

Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control for Drug Development

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) develop drugs faster using reliable, flexible, and productive IC and LC solutions from Dionex.

Regulatory Compliance for Pharmaceuticals

Dionex RSLC, HPLC, and IC system reliability and chromatography data security make regulatory compliance simple.