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IC Solutions for the Power Industry

Welcome to the IC Solutions for the Power Industry page. Here you will find the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation information and applications solutions for the use of Dionex Ion Chromatography (IC) in determining ions of relevance to power industry water analysis.

Free Power Plant IC Assessment Program

Dionex stands ready to deliver an IC Assessment Program to evaluate a power industry laboratory’s use of IC. The Assessment is carried out by a Dionex Applications Specialist in conjunction with a Dionex Service Representative. 


The following presentations are divided into separate segments focusing on specific aspects of the power plant IC capabilities.

Principles of Ion Chromatography for the Power Industry
This segment presents the fundamentals of IC as they apply to the special requirements of the power industry.

Monitoring the Flue Gas Desulfurization Process
Coal fired power plants are a major contributor to sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the atmosphere. Currently, many plants are required to remove this atmospheric contaminant using desulfurization technology.

On-Line IC Monitoring
Both the ICS-5000 and ICS-2100 can be installed in an on-line IC monitoring product called the Integral™ process analytical system. The Integral system product delivers all of the analytical benefits of the ICS instruments, plus automated stream selection and Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System functionality tailored to on-line monitoring requirements.

Ion Chromatography-Radiochemical Analysis (IC-RA)
Nuclear power plants have an environmental requirement to report on key radioisotopes discharged in their waste water. Of particular concern is the concentration of Sr-90 in plant waste water.

Related Literature

ICS-5000 Data Sheet
The ICS-5000 modular IC system replaces the ICS-3000 and retains all of the capabilities of the ICS-3000, while adding the option of performing capillary IC analysis.  

ICS-2100 Data Sheet
The ICS-2100 integrated IC system provides cost effective solutions to many of the power industry IC applications. It delivers the benefits of an RFIC™ system to both process water and environmental water samples.

Integral Process Analytical Systems Data Sheet 
Integral systems provide a versatile and adaptable approach to process analytical LC systems. An unsurpassed range of IC and HPLC capabilities are combined with configurable sampling systems and adaptable off-the-shelf industrial enclosure options.