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One of the primary concerns of all power plants is to ensure that the high-purity water used for power generation is of sufficient quality to maintain plant chemistry parameters. Ion chromatography (IC) is a fundamental technique for monitoring water quality with respect to corrosive ions. Anions, cations, transition metals, silica, and boron can be monitored in raw water, demineralizer influent/effluent, process steam, boiler feedwater, boiler blowdown water, high & low pressure steam condensate, and condensate polisher water.

Other applications of IC for the power industry include monitoring of chemically treated waters, quality control of the high purity chemicals used to treat process waters, and analysis of waste and discharge products. IC can be used in the nuclear power industry for nuclear accident monitoring and primary/secondary reactor water analysis.

Recent advances in ion chromatography, such as Eluent Generation and the Process Analytical IC, have provided improved ease of use and reproducibility. With these advances, ion chromatography has become a valuable technique for both nuclear and fossil fuel plants to monitor various water streams, environmental samples, and pure chemicals.

High-Purity Water for Power

The power industry continuously faces issues of corrosion caused by inorganic ions, discharge regulations, and hazardous materials. Dionex RFICâ„¢ systems help identify corrosive and non-corrosive ion intrusions, extending the life of demineralizer resins and helping maintain a neutral anion to cation balance.

Nuclear Power Plants

Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography has been adopted in most nuclear power plants over the past 5 years due to its ease of use and improved detection limits which make for a good fit with the typical matrices and analytes which need to be monitored in this industry.

Fossil and Combined Cycle Power Plants

The ionic purity of boiler water, feedwater, and steam is important to maintain component availability and reliability in power plants. Failure mechanisms in the boiler, turbine, heaters, and condensers of fossil power plants and in HRSGs can be directly related to water and steam ionic purity.

IC Solutions for the Power Industry

The IC Solutions for the Power Industry page features the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation information and applications solutions for the use of Dionex Ion Chromatography (IC) in determining ions of relevance to power industry water analysis.