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Dionex offers a wide range of accessories and suppressors for use with HPLC, IC, and RFIC systems. The Dionex suppressor range decreases background conductivity of the eluent while simultaneously increasing the analyte response. Eluent generator cartridges are used for the electrolytic production of high-purity eluents for both isocratic and gradient analyses. The CRD removes carbon dioxide from the sample for improved recoveries of certain analytes. The OnGuard II cartridges remove matrix interferences from samples encountered in many IC applications. To make your chromatography easy, Dionex has developed a range of concentrates and standards.


Dionex was the first company to commercialize chemical suppression in 1975, and has continued to expand the capabilities of suppression technology by inventing electrolytic suppression in 1992. Today we offer a full line of choices tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Reagent-Free IC Accessories

Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) systems are the premier Dionex IC technology. We offer a complete range of accessories to complement your RIFC system.

Reagents and Accessories

Column hardware, RFIC accessories, standards, reagents, and cartridges.