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ICW-3000 Online Water Purifier for RFIC-EG Systems

The ICW-3000 system is the ideal solution for the direct supply of ultrapure water to Dionex RFIC-EG Ion Chromatography systems. Pressurized water for eluent generation and suppressor regeneration in external water mode comes directly from the 10-liter reservoir. Ideal for capillary chromatography, the ICW-3000 provides worry free operation because the direct feed of continuously purified water ensures ultrahigh purity for maximum sensitivity and system uptime.

Dionex RFIC-EG systems use “Just Add Water” technology.  Eluent is generated from pure water and an eluent cartridge electrolytically. This provides highly pure hydroxide eluents with very low background levels of carbonate. Methanesulfonic acid cartridges produce eluent for cation separations as well. Eluent concentration changes are initiated instantaneously and gradient elution is easily programmed and controlled with PC mouse clicks. 

The new ICS-5000 capillary IC requires only milliliters of water a day. By providing a large volume of highly purified, and continuously re-purified, water direct to the IC the ICW-3000 makes capillary IC free of user maintenance for months.

Ultrapure water enhances trace analysis performance, allows long term uninterrupted operation, reduces operator attention, enhances consumables lifetimes and simplifies system troubleshooting.

ICW-3000 Benefits:

  • Reduces system problems caused by contaminated water for increased system uptime
  • Enhances system performance for high sensitivity analyses for increased return on system investment
  • Lengthens lifetime of consumables for reduced operational cost
  • Water is continuously repurified enabling long time between refills
  • Longer refill cycle results in less operator attention needed
  • Notifies when consumables are exhausted to remove doubt
  • Eliminates water as a cause of applications problems
  • Simplified plumbing reduces setup time
  • No additional pressure source or pump required reduces costs and complexity

The ICW-3000 is compatible with most Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) systems from Dionex. Just add water to generate the perfect eluent for your application automatically.