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RFIC-Eluent Regeneration

Allows Non-Stop Operation of an IC System for Up to Four Weeks at a Time

RFIC-ER is a low-cost alternative to RFIC-EG systems. Rather than generate eluent electrolytically using deionized water, RFIC-ER uses the electrolytic suppressor to regenerate the starting eluent. Eluent is prepared in the normal manner. After use and regeneration, the eluent is passed through a series of eluent purifier columns to produce pure eluent. The purified eluent is returned to the eluent bottle. One batch of original eluent can provide up to four weeks of non-stop operation.

  • Always on, always ready capability for ICS-1100, -1600, -2100, and -5000 systems
  • System remains fully equilibrated and calibrated for long periods of time
  • Simple plumbing and easy-to-understand schematic
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ideal for the analysis of common anions and cations in drinking, surface and ground water samples
  • Operator errors are significantly reduced or eliminated