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Electrochemical Cells

Thermo Scientific Dionex has the most extensive selection of electrochemical cells on the market, optimized for a variety of critical applications. Unique in their configuration and performance, our advanced sensor designs assure long-lasting, trouble-free performance whether your application demands amperometric, coulometric, or pulsed amperometric electrochemical-detection technology.

  • Unmatched performance—high-efficiency oxidation for maximum sensitivity
  • Unparalleled selectivity—coulometric technology enables detection from complex matrices
  • Unrivaled stability—delivered through optimal designs and materials
  • Minimal maintenance—robust electrodes with solid-state reference electrodes

Wide Selection for LC, UHPLC and EC-MS

  • Amperometric Analytical Cells
  • Coulometric Analytical Cells
  • Pre-Analytical Cells
  • Electrochemical Synthesis Cells
  • Boron Doped Diamond Cells
  • UHPLC Cells