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ICS-900 Solutions Kits

These bundled packages include: analytical and guard columns, appropriate MMS 300 suppressor, application-specific DCR bottle, eluent, and regenerant concentrates. These kits are appropriate for the ICS-900, ICS-90, ICS-90A, and previous Displacement Chemical Regeneration systems. Bundles are also available without the eluent and regenerant concentrates. These are recommended for customers outside the United States.

ICS-900 Reagent Specifications

The ICS-900 bundles utilizing 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm columns are also perfectly suited for use with earlier instruments utilizing Displacement Chemical Regeneration, including the ICS-90A, ICS-90, DX-80

Dionex reagents are prepared by the dissolution of high-purity chemicals in >18.2 MΩ-cm deionized water, which was tested by ion chromatography for ionic contaminants. The bottle label states the nominal concentration value for informational purposes only. The actual concentration is within +2.5% and was determined by one or more of the following proven reliable methods of analysis: ion chromatography, UV spectrophotometry (using NIST or USP Reference Material where applicable), titration (using NIST Reference Material), and gravimetric analysis.

ICS-900 Reagent Products
AS4A 4 mm Bundled Package
AS9-HC 4 mm Bundled Package
AS12A 4 mm Bundled Package
AS14 4 mm Bundled Package
AS14A 4 mm Bundled Package
AS14A 3 mm Bundled Package
AS22 4 mm Bundled Package
AS23 4 mm Bundled Package
CS12A 4 mm Bundled Package
CS12A 3 mm Bundled Package
CS16 5 mm Bundled Package
CS16 3 mm Bundled Package