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InGuard Cartridges

Automatically Remove Matrix Interferences for Better Performance in Many IC Applications

The InGuard line of sample pretreatment cartridges is designed to remove matrix interferences such as cations (including transition metals), anions, or hydrophobic substances that are encountered in many ion chromatography (IC) applications. The InGuard cartridge is installed in-line between the autosampler and the IC injection valve, facilitating immediate, automated sample pre-treatment.

Solve Tough Applications Problems

Automated in-line sample pretreatment using InGuard in-line sample pretreatment cartridges:

  • Eliminates manual sample pretreatment steps
  • Facilitates better separations
  • Increases lifetimes of analytical columns
  • Solves major matrix problems
  • Achieves reproducible ppm-level determinations in concentrated matrices

Convenient and Easy to Use

Samples are automatically processed. After loading the sample onto an injection loop, the sample is pushed through one or more InGuard cartridges onto a concentrator column and is ready for analysis. The InGuard cartridges use standard 10-32 fittings for easy installation into an IC system. Depending on the exact chemistry and types of samples treated, some cartridges can be regenerated.

Optimized Design and Manufacture

The InGuard hardware is designed with standard 10-32 connections for easy and secure installation in an IC system. The cartridge design eliminates leaks and channeling. The unique sample distribution frit maximizes complete resin bed usage. The cartridge hardware is optimized for the best possible performance in matrix removal applications.

Versatile Selection of Resins

  • InGuard Ag
  • InGuard H
  • InGuard Na
  • InGuard HRP
  • InGuard Na/HRP

The InGuard family of sample pretreatment cartridges is available in a wide range of packings to fit your sample pretreatment needs. The Summary tab contains a table summarizing the InGuard products and their typical applications.

Cartridges can be used singly or in series depending on the matrix interferences to be removed. The InGuard Ag and InGuard Na cartridges can be used in series to remove chloride and carbonate from a water sample prior to ppm-level determination.

InGuard Ag Cartridge

The InGuard Ag resin is a styrene-based sulfonic acid resin in the silver form, the same material used in OnGuard II Ag cartridges. This cartridge removes chloride, bromide, and iodide from concentrated sample matrices such as brines.

InGuard H Cartridge

The InGuard H cartridge contains styrene-based, sulfonic acid resin in the hydronium form, the same as that used in OnGuard II H cartridges. The cartridge is ideal for the removal of high levels of alkaline earth metals and transition metals from sample matrices.

InGuard Na Cartridge

The InGuard Na cartridge contains styrene-based, sulfonic acid in the sodium form. The InGuard Na is used in the removal of high levels of alkaline earths and transition metals from sample matrices without acidifying the sample.

InGuard HRP Cartridge

The InGuard HRP cartridge contains a hydrophilic reversed phase resin based on divinylbenzene and can be used to remove organic matrix material over a wide range of hydrophobicity, including fats from whole milk.

InGuard Na/HRP Cartridge

The InGuard Na/HRP cartridge contains a blend of sulfonated resin in the sodium form and HRP resin to provide the dual functionality of removing both cations including metals and organic contaminants from a sample.