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LCi Solutions Kits

LCi Solutions Kits provide preconfigured capillary kits and comprehensive quick installation guides for fast and convenient implementation.

  • 2-D LC analysis
  • Automated application switching
  • Automated method scouting
  • On-line SPE analysis
  • Parallel analysis
  • Tandem analysis
  • Rapid Separation LC for quaternary and binary analytical systems
  • Proteomics preconcentration, parallel LC, and MDLC

See “LC Solutions” in the Liquid Chromatography section to learn more about Dionex LCi Solutions. 

Contact your local Dionex representative for an UltiMate 3000 LCi system configuration customized for your applications.

General LCi Solutions Kits

The LCi Solution kits for 2-D LC, automated application switching, automated method scouting, on-line SPE, and parallel LC contain capillaries which are preconfigured for system configurations that include the TCC-3x00. 

LCi Solutions Kits for Proteomics

LCi Solution Kits for Proteomics