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Reagents and Accessories

Column hardware, RFIC accessories, standards, reagents, and cartridges.

RFIC-Eluent Generation

Eluent generator cartridges for the electrolytic production of high-purity eluents for isocratic and gradient runs.

RFIC-Eluent Regeneration

Allows non-stop operation of a carbonate or methanesulfonic-acid eluent applications for up to 4 weeks at a time.

Deionized Water for Ion Chromatography

Purified water for IC is provided in 1 L bottles for convenient use.

Dionex CR-CTC Continuously-Regenerated Cation Trap Column II

Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Columns (Dionex CR-CTC 500) for Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography systems with eluent generation.

CRD Carbonate Removal Device

The Carbonate Removal Device (CRD) removes carbon dioxide by diffusion through the walls of a carbonate selective permeable membrane.

Electrochemical Cells

From coulometric to amperometric to specialty cells (synthesis, Boron-Doped Diamond, UHPLC), Thermo Scientific has electrochemical cells specifically designed for a variety of critical applications.

OnGuard II Cartridges

Remove matrix interferences such as phenolics, metals, cations, anions, or hydrophobic substances, for better performance in many IC applications.

InGuard Cartridges

The InGuard line of sample pretreatment cartridges is designed to remove matrix interferences such as cations (including transition metals), anions, or hydrophobic substances that are encountered in many ion chromatography (IC) applications.

Dionex SolEx Solid-Phase Extraction Cartridges

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ SolEx™  family of cartridges are offered in a variety of chemistries and sizes to fit your needs.

Standards, Reagents, and Eluent Concentrates

A complete line of standards, reagents, and eluent concentrates for ion chromatography applications.

ICS-900 Solutions Kits

Bundled kits with matched columns, suppressor, and application-specific supplies recommended for the ICS-900 and similar systems.

LCi Solutions Kits

Preconfigured capillary kits and comprehensive quick installation guides for fast and convenient implementation of UltiMate 3000 LCi Solutions.

Suppressor Accessories

Accessories and kits designed to enhance the performance and ruggedness of the entire suppressor product range.

Viper Fingertight Fitting

Viper™ connectors have a built-in zero dead volume by sealing at the tip of the tubing. An imperfect connection is not possible, ensuring continuous and robust performance.

nanoViper Fingertight Fitting

nanoViper is the new, fingertight connection system for nano LC connections which eliminates the assembly of PEEK sleeve connections.