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nano LC Made Easy

Everybody who has ever worked with capillary and nano LC knows that one bad connection can mean the difference between quality results and a failed experiment. The typical low flow rates in these applications make them exceptionally sensitive to dead volumes. Even when the nut, ferrule, PEEK™ sleeve, and column have been connected dead-volume free, care must be taken to not over tighten and damage the fused silica or, worse, the separation column.

nanoViper™ is the new, fingertight connection system for nano LC connections which eliminates the assembly of PEEK sleeve connections. It is preassembled to maximize ease-of-use, and is fingertight, making over tightening impossible. The nanoViper fitting is capable of withstanding pressures up to a 1000 bar and is compatible with third party valves and unions.

nanoViper allows you to configure your nano LC application completely tool free.

That is truly nano LC made easy!

  • Zero-dead-volume UHPLC fingertight nano LC connections
  • nanoViper connections are standard on RSLCnano accessories and Acclaim® PepMap RSLC nano columns