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Dionex AAA-Directâ„¢ grade sodium acetate is preweighed; all you need to do is add water to produce the correct concentration.

  • Prequalified sodium acetate for AAA-Direct that is guaranteed not to contaminate your AAA-Direct system
  • Preweighed sodium acetate for ease of use
  • 2-pack of sodium acetate sufficient for 1 month of continuous operation

The quality of sodium acetate used for AAA-Direct is crucial. When AAA-Direct was first introduced, Dionex recommended that AAA-Direct customers purchase certain high grades of sodium acetate from particular vendors. However, different lots of these recommended high grades at times were found to contain contaminants that adversely affected the performance of AAA-Direct. In response, Dionex has introduced its own prequalified AAA-Direct grade sodium acetate, which has been tested and is guaranteed not to contaminate your AAA-Direct system. Dionex recommends that AAA-Direct users purchase only the prequalified Dionex sodium acetate to guarantee trouble-free use of their system.

A contaminated acetate eluent causes the peak area of all the amino acids to decrease to about 20% of its original value. When troubleshooting your system, if you find that the arginine response is less than 100 nC for 200 pmol injected, suspect reduced detection response as a result of a contaminated electrode.

Dionex AAA-Direct grade sodium acetate is specifically tested for amino acid analysis and is guaranteed for use with the AAA-Direct system. It is preweighed so the user simply adds water to produce the correct concentration. Dionex sodium acetate is shipped as a 2-pack, each container making 1 L of eluent. Each 2-pack ships with a certificate of analysis.

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AAA-Direct Reagents
Sodium Acetate Salt (Pre-Weighed Reagent), Pkg of 2 059326
Histidine Standard, AAA Direct System Installation 059540