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Carbohydrate Standards

Dionex Carbohydrate Standards are ready-made standards for performance verification. These standards are for qualitative use only, and should be used to verify the performance of your BioLC® system or CarboPac carbohydrate column. Simply reconstitute the vial contents and inject.

The Dionex MonoStandard Mix of Six carbohydrate standard is prepared from reference-grade monosaccharides. Each vial of Dionex MonoStandard Mix of Six contains 100 nmol of fucose, galactosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine hydrochloride, galactose, glucose, and mannose. Prior to use, dilute the contents of the vial to yield a solution containing 0.1 mM (100 pmol/µL) of each monosaccharide.

The sialylated fetuin N-linked alditol standard is purified from bovine fetuin. Each vial contains 25 nmol oligosaccharides. Prior to use, reconstitute the contents of the vial in a known volume of water (e.g., 250 mL) depending upon your application.

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Carbohydrate Standards
MonoStandard, Mixture of Six, 100 nmol Each 043162
Oligo Standard, Sialylated N-Linked Alditols, 25 nmol 043064