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Ion Standard Concentrates

The IonPac® ready-to-use ion standards are designed for routine anion or cation determinations.


Ion Standards Specifications
Dionex IC Standards

All Dionex IC standards are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials and are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis verifying the concentration.


Ordering Information

Ion Standard Concentrates
5-Anion Standard, 100 mL 037157
7-Anion Standard, 50 mL 056933
Combined Seven Anion Standard II, 100 mL 057590
Fluoride Standard (1000 mg/L), 100 mL 037158
Chloride Standard (1000 mg/L), 100 mL 037159
Sulfate Standard (1000 mg/L), 100 mL 037160
6-Cation Standard-I, 50 mL 040187
Combined Six Cation Standard-II, 50 mL 046070