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Standards, Reagents, and Eluent Concentrates

To simplify your workflow, Dionex has developed all the reagents and standards you need, including anion and cation standards, eluent concentrates, and AutoRegen concentrates. Dionex offers high-purity chemicals and standards for transition metal analysis, including ultrapure chelation chromatography reagents for trace and ultratrace transition and lanthanide metal analysis.

The Quality You Expect from Dionex

  • Only high-purity, reagent-grade chemicals and water (18 MΩ-cm), quality-control checked for ionic contamination, are used.
  • All standards are NIST* traceable.
  • A Certificate of Analysis is provided with every standard and chelation chromatography reagent.

Guarantee the Reliability of Your Analyses

  • Reduce reagent and standard preparation errors.
  • Ensure accurate quantifications.
  • Improve day-to-day reproducibility.
  • Keep your system operating at peak performance.

Increase Your Productivity

  • Easy and convenient IC reagent and standard preparation.
  • Reduce downtime due to bad reagents.
  • Reduce reagent preparation time.
  • Minimize time-consuming reagent and standard validation.

Unconditional Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. All Dionex reagents and standards carry a 90-day warranty.

*National Institute of Standards and Technology

Standards, Reagents, and Eluent Concentrates
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