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Suppressor Accessories

These accessories include the SCC-10 Suppressor Current Controller and the SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector.

SCC-10 Suppressor Current Controller

The SCC-10 Suppressor Current Controller is an external adapter designed for use with legacy instruments that offer only four settings for electrolytic suppressor current. The SCC-10 output current can be set in 12 discrete steps from 10 to 250 mA, thus increasing suppressor lifetime while simultaneously reducing noise.

SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector

The SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector is a stand-alone device that monitors liquid flow to a suppressor. If the flow is restricted or stops, the SRD-10 automatically disables the eluent pump via a TTL command, thus preventing irreversible damage being done to the suppressor.