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SCC-10 Suppressor Current Controller

The SCC-10 Suppressor Current Controller is an external adapter designed for use with legacy instruments that offer only four settings for electrolytic suppressor current. This limitation prevents selection of the optimal operating conditions and suppressor current settings required for many IC (ion chromatography) applications. The SCC-10 output current can be set in 12 discrete steps from 10 to 250 mA, thus increasing suppressor lifetime while simultaneously reducing noise.

The SCC-10 connects between the suppressor power supply for the IC system and the suppressor. Because the SCC-10 is powered from the existing suppressor power supply, it is not necessary to change the system configuration in the control software to support the SCC-10.

The SCC-10 can be operated with the following legacy systems from Dionex:

  • DX-120 Ion Chromatograph
  • DX-320 and DX-320J Ion Chromatographs
  • DX-500 Ion Chromatography System
  • DX-600 Ion Chromatography System
  • DX-800 Process Analyzer

The SCC-10 is compatible with the SRS 300 series of suppressors; it is not compatible with the CMD, SRN, Atlas, or CES 300 series of suppressors.