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SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector

The SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector is a stand-alone device that monitors liquid flow to a suppressor. If the flow is restricted or stops, the SRD-10 automatically disables the eluent pump via a TTL command, thus preventing irreversible damage being done to the suppressor.

The SRD-10 is intended for use with these applications:

  • An SRS® 300 Self-Regenerating Suppressor that is operated in the external water mode
  • An MMS 300 MicroMembrane Suppressor that is operated in the chemical regenerant mode

In the external water mode of operation, an external water supply is pumped into the SRS regenerant channels. A constant current is applied across the electrodes in the SRS to electrolytically regenerate the device. It is possible for the IC (ion chromatography) system to continue to operate and for current to be applied to the SRS even after external water flow has stopped or the water supply is depleted. Unless the current is turned off, this will quickly cause irreversible damage to the SRS.

In the chemical regenerant mode of operation, running out of regenerant will not damage the MMS, but it will adversely affect the chromatographic run.

In either of these scenarios, the SRD-10 will shut off the eluent pump, stopping the run. In the case of the SRS, the eluent pump shut off will switch off the suppressor.