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Viper Fingertight Fitting

Connect to the Future

When working with small column volumes, capillaries and connections need special attention. But even with conventional columns and moderate pressures, mediocre connections can cause retention time shifts and peak distortions.

Conventional stainless steel HPLC connectors use a ferrule and a nut to establish a connection. A flaw of this design is that a void volume-free connection is not guaranteed, particularly when changing the tubing between differently shaped threads (e.g. when changing a column). Viper™ connectors have a built-in zero dead volume by sealing at the tip of the tubing. An imperfect connection is not possible, ensuring continuous and robust performance.

The Dionex Viper capillary and fitting system removes intricacy and brings unparalleled ease-of use to HPLC and UHPLC.

  • Zero dead-volume UHPLC fingertight fittings
  • Viper connectors are standard for Dionex RSLC system connections
  • Compatible with virtually any third party UHPLC or HPLC instrument, valve, and column hardware