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Atlas Electrolytic Suppressor

Low Noise Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressor for Use with IC Eluents

The Thermo Scientific Dionex Atlas Electrolytic Suppressor (AES) is a continuous electrolytically-regenerated suppressor based on the MonoDisc and AutoSuppression products. The unique design of the Dionex AES suppressor enables very fast startup times and an extremely low noise level, particularly for carbonate eluents. The benefits of the Dionex AES suppressor include:

  • High performance and very low noise for carbonate eluents
  • Low background conductivity, and excellent baseline stability
  • Easy to use maintenance-free operation
  • Fast startup and equilibration
  • Will suppress eluents up to 25 μeq/min

The MonoDisc suppression bed of the Dionex AES is composed of ion-exchange monolith and flow distribution disks. This configuration facilitates efficient exchange of the eluent counter ions for regenerant ions, resulting in eluent suppression and analyte response enhancement.