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CRS 500 Chemically Regenerated Suppressor

High-Capacity, Solvent-Compatible, Chemically-Regenerated Suppressor

The Thermo Scienfitic Dionex CRS 500 suppressor is a chemically-regenerated suppressor and therefore has very low noise and quick startup time. With the new Displacement Chemical Regeneration (DCR) Kit, this classic suppressor provides easier operation. The Dionex CRS 500 suppressor advantages include:

  • High-capacity and solvent-compatible design capable of handling samples with complex matrices
  • Very low signal-to-noise and excellent baseline stability
  • Low method detection limits
  • Fast start-up and equilibration
  • Easy to use, maintenance-free operation with the DCR kit
  • Improved peak efficiency for improved performance, particularly when coupled with 4 µm based columns
  • Improved thermal stability to eliminate installation failures due to damage during shipment, handling, and operation

The Dionex CRS 500 suppressor has high capacity and can be used with all Thermo Scienfitic Dionex ion-exchange columns. For lowest noise and longest life, the Dionex CRS 500 suppressor is recommended for anion and cation separations using eluents containing HPLC solvents. The Dionex CRS 500 suppressor is available in both 2- and 4 mm formats; 3 mm columns should be used with 2 mm suppressors.

The Dionex CRS 500 suppressor produces the lowest noise because it uses non-electrolytic chemical regeneration. Low noise levels translate into lower method detection limits.