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SC-CSRS Salt Converter

Converts Analytes to the Fully-Dissociated Methanesulfonic Acid Species

With the SC-CSRS 300, nonlinear response of ammonia and certain amines can be overcome by converting the weak base analyte to a fully ionized form, thus extending the linear response. The SC-CSRS 300 suppressor is designed to make this conversion and provide linearity across as much as three orders of magnitude.

  • Increased linearity for ammonium and amines
  • Increased sensitivity for ammonium and amines
  • Low background and noise
  • Conversion to and detection as fully dissociated methanesulfonic acid

The SC-CSRS should be used in industries where regulated methods require a linear response. A linear response increases accuracy at higher concentrations, and so requires fewer calibration check standards over the calibration curve. Reduced calibration requirements increase sample throughput for industries with high sample workloads such as the power generation industry.

Method detection limits for Group I and II cations, ammonium, and amines using the SC-CSRS are equivalent to or better than those achieved using the CSRS 300.