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Keeping Your Chromeleon Installation Up to Date

The Dionex Chromeleon® software development team at Thermo Scientific is continually improving the software, with software updates typically released several times per year. Keep your Chromeleon software up to date to ensure the best performance from your Chromeleon installation.

Types of Software Updates

  • Major Releases deliver significant new capabilities and improvements to existing functionality. Major releases are typically released on a cycle of 12–24 months, depending on the scope of the new capabilities to be included. Major releases also incorporate improvements made in preceding Service Releases and Driver Updates. Pricing of upgrades is calculated based on several factors; to obtain a quotation for your installation, please contact your local Chromeleon sales representative.
  • Service Releases provide minor expansions of capabilities and resolutions for issues reported for specific major releases. Service Releases are typically made available 2–3 times per year, on disk and via electronic distribution, and are offered at no cost to you. Service Releases should be installed on all Chromeleon stations.
  • Driver Updates add or enhance support for specific instruments, and generally do not affect other parts of the software. You should only install a driver update if you are using the relevant instruments. Driver Updates are offered at no cost and are distributed only electronically.

How to Obtain Software Updates

To obtain a Service Release or a Driver Update for your current Chromeleon major release, contact your local service representative for Dionex products.

To obtain an update to a new Major Release, contact your local sales representative for Dionex products, who can provide you with a quotation, answer any questions you may have about the update, and help you with the ordering process.

Station Upgrades

Customers can also upgrade Chromeleon stations to add feature licenses that were not already purchased—for example—to add support for another instrument, to enable 3D data acquisition from a diode-array detector, or to add Compliance Tools for purposes of controlling system access, tracking object versions, and deploying electronic signatures.

To learn about your options and to obtain a free quotation, contact your local sales representative for Dionex products.