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What's New in Chromeleon 6.6

Release 6.6 brings an abundance of new features to Chromeleon®. It adds support for over 30 more instruments, bringing the total to over 200 instruments from more than 25 manufacturers. This release supports new technologies such as dual simultaneous analysis, and IC separation optimization. It also provides numerous enhancements throughout the software that add capability and improve usability, so everyone has something to gain by upgrading to Chromeleon 6.6.

New Instrument Control Features

  • New drivers support new instruments from Dionex, Agilent, Waters, Varian, Shimadzu, Perkin-Elmer, and more.
  • Graphical editing of control programs using dialogs provides an easy alternative to direct script editing
  • Scheduling of sequences allows instruments to be automatically started at specified times
  • System Wellness panels for Summit® HPLCs show system health at a glance

New Data Analysis and Reporting Features

  • Graphical display of peak retention windows simplifies optimization of peak identification settings
  • New apex logic for extreme rider peaks determines true retention time for shoulder peaks
  • Option to invert variables before curve fitting can improve quantitation of ammonium
  • Autorepeat of report blocks dynamically generates entire report regions for each peak or sample
  • "Mirrored" comparison display of chromatograms makes recognition of differences easy
  • Arithmetic operations between chromatograms support signal amplification and other special techniques
  • Standard Addition methodology enables accurate quantitation at trace levels and in challenging matrices

New Compliance-Related Features

  • New privileges allow administrators to restrict stopping of batches and printing of unsaved reports
  • Modification History for report definitions provides tracking of forms used to report results
  • Search functions in audit trails make finding specific events and actions quick and easy
  • Automatic data upload after network failure restores normal operation without administrator action