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What's New in Chromeleon 6.5

In January 2003, Dionex combined all the features of PeakNet® 6—the world's leading IC data system—and Chromeleon® 6—the world's most powerful HPLC and GC data system—to create Chromeleon Release 6.5, the optimum software solution for all your chromatography needs.

With the new Chromeleon, you can:

  • Fully automate instruments from Dionex and more than 20 other manufacturers
  • Simplify data analysis and data management for all your IC, LC, and GC applications
  • Achieve compliance with GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 while actually improving your productivity

But Chromeleon 6.5 did more than just combine the prior capabilities of PeakNet and Chromeleon. It also provided many exciting new features (see list below) to help you get more done with less effort. And now Dionex offers you even more—find out what's new in Chromeleon 6.6!

New Features for All Users Added in Chromeleon 6.5

Results at a Glance: Now you can browse through your analytical results without even opening a chromatogram. The browser's sequence display options now let you display results—amounts, areas, heights, or any of the other result variables that Chromeleon calculates—in columns alongside traditional sequence columns, with statistics displayed below. It's like having your reporting functions integrated into the sequence display, for fast, convenient access to results.

Trend Plots:

In seconds, you can view a trend plot of data from a sequence or query, so you can understand in an instant what is happening over time. Control and warning limits can be easily set, making this function a handy tool for monitoring method performance using control charts, and for process monitoring applications.

Fraction Collection: The new fraction collection driver makes it easy to use information from multiple detector channels to collect fractions accurately and reliably. New chromatogram display options show clearly where each fraction was collected. New fraction collection report tables make it easy to see how fractions were collected, and also aid in method development.

Plot Scaling:

New options automatically scale your chromatogram plots to show specific peaks of interest at optimum scaling, even if the peaks change size or retention time.

Security: Chromeleon's industry-leading security system is now even better. The Windows® administrator can now use the access control system (permissions) of the operating system to positively guarantee that nobody has any possibility of gaining direct access to Chromeleon datasource contents. The only way into the datasource is through the Chromeleon application, which uses a virtual user account and a Dionex-designed service, the Chromeleon Transaction Agent, to conduct datasource transactions on behalf of the user.

New Features for IC Users Added in Chromeleon 6.5

System Wellness Trend Plots: In addition to the trend plots of results cited above, you can quickly view trend plots of IC System Wellness parameters, such as background conductivity.

Application Templates:

The task of setting up standard IC analyses using DX-600 or BioLC® systems just got easier. You can now simply indicate which instrument (timebase) and column you want to use, and Chromeleon's new Application Templates will automatically create and select the appropriate control program, quantitation method, and software control panel for your new sequence.

Void Volume Treatment: Now it only takes one click to get perfect integration of peaks adjacent to a void dip, such as the fluoride peak in an anion analysis using carbonate eluent.

New Instrument Support:

Chromeleon 6.50 adds support for the new EG50 Eluent Generator with integrated auto- regenerating trap column, and for the new USB model of the PDA-100 Photodiode Array Detector. (This new PDA-100 is also available with Summit® HPLC systems).

New Features for Summit HPLC Users Added in Chromeleon 6.5

TCC-100 Support:

Chromeleon 6.50 supports the new Summit TCC-100 Thermostatted Column Compartment, which maintains stable column temperatures at set points from 5 to 85 °C. Also supported are the TCC-100's optional column-switching valve and optional solvent preheater.

Column Identification and Tracking: The TCC-100's column identification system tracks important column information (such as serial number, total number of injections, and maximum applied temperature), and reports this information to Chromeleon. This information helps automate record keeping and simplifies management of these important consumable items.

PDA-100 USB Support:

With the new USB version of the PDA-100 Photodiode Array Detector, connections are fast and easy, and can be done without ever opening the computer.

Sample Overlap: Sample throughput in many applications can now be increased, because Chromeleon 6.50 can have the ASI-100 Autosampler prepare the next sample for injection while the current sample is being analyzed.

Autosampler/Pump Synchronization:

Retention time precision of early-eluting peaks is now even better, because Chromeleon issues the "Inject" command to the ASI-100 Autosampler (turning its valve to the "Inject" position) in phase with the P680LPG duty cycle, eliminating any possible variations in the time that the gradient arrives at the column relative to the injection time.

MSQ Support: Both the MSQ and AQA mass spectrometers from Thermo Electron are supported in Chromeleon 6.50. Specific support for the MSQ ELMO model (the best choice for IC/MS) is included. Additional software features improve the interpretation of chromatograms and spectra.

New Features for LC Packings Capillary/Nano LC Users Added in Chromeleon 6.5

Easier Control Programming: Redesigned program wizards and additional driver features simplify the creation of complex control programs for challenging applications in proteomics and genomics.

Switchos Control:

The new driver for Switchos column valves and solvent selector simplifies usage, and provides direct control of valves and solvent selector, simplifying installation and maintenance.

New Features for Users of Other Instruments Added in Chromeleon 6.5


Full control is now available for Waters HPLC modules (Alliance 2690, WISP 717plus, 996 PDA, and 2487 UV detector). Full-spectrum (3-D) data can be acquired digitally from the 996 PDA. Digital data acquistion is also supported for the 2487 detector.

Agilent: The wellplate version of the 1100 LC Autosampler is now supported. Legacy data from HP LAS (HP1000) systems can now be directly imported into Chromeleon.


333/334 preparative pumps can now be fully controlled.