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Chromeleon 6.8 – Adaptability

Chromeleon® software is more than your best choice for a chromatography workstation—it's also a complete multi-user chromatography management solution that adapts to diverse needs throughout your enterprise. You can start with a small installation and scale it up at your own pace using the operating system and database platforms that best suit your needs. Get the benefits of centralized data storage and system administration without giving up the flexibility of distributed workstations. Standardize or customize user interfaces, methods, and reports as appropriate to address different users and different applications. Integrate Chromeleon software with other software products to further improve overall laboratory productivity and efficiency.

Expand your Chromeleon network easily and economically by adding workstations and remote client stations as your needs grow. The Chromeleon software's distributed client/server architecture continues to deliver high performance as you scale up your operation.

Choose the platforms that fit your needs, and migrate with ease.  Chromeleon software works seamlessly with any combination of PCs running Windows® 2000, Windows XP, and/or Windows Vista, and with any combination of SQL Server, Oracle®, or Microsoft® Access database platforms.


Administer your Chromeleon systems from anywhere in the network.  You can configure instruments, set policies for instrument and data access, manage users and groups, and administer data warehouses—all with the convenience of remote access.


Put your mind at ease. Chromeleon software keeps working productively, even in situations that would paralyze ordinary data systems. With its distributed client/server architecture, intelligent instrument control, network failure protection, and power failure recovery, Chromeleon software provides the high availability and fault tolerance you need for optimum productivity.


Integrate Chromeleon software seamlessly with other software in your laboratory. Copy chromatograms, spectra, and other graphics to office applications to create journal publications and custom presentations.  Import sample worklists from your LIMS, and post results to it automatically. Export reports in popular formats such as XLS and PDF, with every detail faithfully rendered.

Get the most out of your chromatography software with enhancements and extensions that provide advanced automation options. One example is AutoDilution which enables Chromeleon software to automatically dilute and reinject samples that exceed a calibration range.