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Chromeleon 6.8 – AutoDilution

Challenging samples such as environmental and waste water often contain compound concentrations that exceed the range defined by a standard curve. Operators would need to identify these outliers, dilute the samples, and often rerun the standards along with the diluted samples. These time consuming steps have now been eliminated with a software enhancement called AutoDilution.

The AutoDilution license enables Chromeleon to automatically determine when compound concentrations exceed a set concentration, perform a dilution of these samples, and rerun them along with standards if needed.

The basic operation uses a smaller injection volume in the existing loop.

Depending on the hardware setup, the following options are available:

  • Smaller injection volume in the existing loop using partial loop injections with the AS Autosampler.
  • Vial-to-vial dilution performed with the AS Autosampler using the Sample Prep module.
  • Secondary loop fill and injection using additional valves like the ones available for the AS Autosampler, AS-DV, ICS-1100/1600/2100, and in the Automation Manager for the DC Detector/Chromatography Compartment.

Note: The AutoDilution option provides the same capabilities as the Extended Fractionation License and will appear as "Extended Fractionation Collection" in the license features list.