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Chromeleon 6.8 – Instrument Control

Unified Control of Diverse Instruments

Expect better instrument control from your chromatography software. Chromeleon® controls over 300 different LC, IC, and GC instruments and accessories from more than 30 manufacturers, with full bi-directional communication, extensive command options, and detailed event tracking. You can share methods between different instruments, optimize control panels for different users, and even set conditional triggers in the software to respond intelligently to changing conditions. No other software makes it so easy to harmonize operations throughout your laboratory.


Chromeleon provides full control of over 300 instruments from more than 30 manufacturers. No other software offers such broad support.


Setting up instrument control is fast and easy with the Chromeleon Control Program Wizard.


Control diverse instruments using a single unified command language.


Customize the user interface to suit your needs with Chromeleon's unique control panel editor.