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Chromeleon 6.8 Chromatography Data System

Tackle your chromatography management challenges with the world's most complete chromatography software. Whether you need a solution for HPLC, IC, or GC—whether your scope is a single instrument, a laboratory, a department, or an enterprise—Chromeleon® delivers unbeatable capability, flexibility, and usability. Discover what Chromeleon can do for you.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Instrument Control

Expect better instrument control from your chromatography software. Chromeleon controls over 300 different LC, IC, and GC instruments and accessories from more than 30 manufacturers, with full bi-directional communication, extensive command options, and detailed event tracking.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Data Analysis

If your work is more challenging than routine chromatography, you need more powerful analytical tools than the ones available with most data systems. The capabilities of Chromeleon® go well beyond the basics to help you through your toughest challenges.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Reporting

With Chromeleon®, you can easily analyze your data and present the results in the ways your customers want to see them.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Compliance

Chromeleon helps you achieve compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and increases your productivity.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Adaptability

Chromeleon is a complete multi-user chromatography management solution that adapts to diverse needs throughout your enterprise.

Chromeleon 6.8 – AutoDilution

The AutoDilution license enables Chromeleon to automatically determine when compound concentrations exceed a set concentration, perform a dilution of these samples, and rerun them along with standards if needed.

Chromeleon 6.8 - Specifications

View the specifications for Chromeleon 6.8.

Virtual Column Separation Simulator

Discover the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to optimize IC separations.

Chromeleon 6.8 – Extension Pack Version 2.0

Dionex introduces version 2.0 of the Extension Pack for Chromeleon® 6.8 software. This pack, available for a nominal charge, contains Sequence, Query, and Report templates that allow you to quickly and easily perform and report common tests that otherwise can take considerable amounts of time to process.