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Chromeleon 6.8 – Reporting

With Chromeleon®, you can easily analyze your data and present the results in the ways your customers want to see them. The built-in spreadsheet works like Microsoft® Excel, so it is both powerful and familiar. Chromeleon report workbooks can have as many worksheets as you like; each worksheet can include result tables, chromatograms, calibration plots, spectra, audit trails, and even custom equations and charts. Every cell, table, and chart updates instantly if any of the source data change, so you never have to worry about consistency. You get the custom reports you need without the hassles and validation issues of exporting to other software, so you save time, effort, and frustration.


Chromeleon gives you the power and flexibility of an Excel-compatible spreadsheet directly within the chromatography software environment. Results are calculated dynamically, so they are always up to date. 


The on-screen results display gives you instant feedback as you browse through chromatograms or make adjustments. 


In the printer layout mode, you can see report pages exactly as they will be printed. 


With the Report Publisher option, you can perform custom calculations by entering custom worksheet formulas in standard Microsoft Excel syntax, and also include custom charts in your reports.