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Speed Up Data Analysis

Unsurpassed Tools for Data Evaluation

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7 Chromatography Data System (CDS) introduces two tools to help users process chromatograms with minimal effort: The Cobra™ Peak Detection algorithm and the SmartPeaks Integration Assistant. The Cobra algorithm uses advanced signal processing to distinguish true peaks from noise, and sophisticated curve-fitting techniques to accurately locate peak maxima and inflection points. It correctly integrates all types of chromatograms using just a few simple parameters. Values for the parameters are set quickly and easily using a wizard that prompts the user to:

  • Define the integration range
  • Define the baseline noise range
  • Select the narrowest peak to be integrated
  • Select the smallest peak to be integrated

With these four settings, the Cobra algorithm instantly integrates every chromatogram in the sequence.

The Cobra wizard sets basic integration parameters in four easy steps.

When special treatment is needed—for example, when a different baseline approach is desired for an unresolved peak group—the SmartPeaks integration assistant produces desired results quickly and intuitively. The user simply selects a region of the chromatogram, and SmartPeaks graphically displays available treatment options, such as valley-to-valley baselines or exponential skims. When the user selects an option, SmartPeaks adds the corresponding parameters and values to the processing method, so that the desired treatment can be automatically applied across multiple chromatograms. This process takes just a few seconds and eliminates the trial-and-error process of adjusting integration that is a major weakness of most chromatography software.

SmartPeaks presents alternative integration approaches, and automatically adds parameters to the processing method for the chosen approach.

Superior Charting Capabilities

When an instant view of data trends such as retention times of a component over a sequence, or even several months is required, then the interactive charting is the easiest way to get there. The user simply selects one or more columns in any of the interactive result tables and clicks Result Charts in the ribbon. Chromeleon 7.2 CDS immediately creates a chart that is interactively linked with the chromatogram plot and the result tables. The charts can be customized as required. The most common charting requirements are also met by the predefined charts delivered with the software.

A variety of predefined charts shows results at a glance.