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Console and Studio: New Tools For Accessing and Managing Instruments and Data

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7 Chromatography Data System (CDS) user interface achieves operational simplicity by following specific design principles:

  • Minimize steps needed to perform any task
  • Make all steps easy to understand and easy-to-use
  • Minimize the time it takes to perform any task

The software provides a balance between mainstream capabilities and specialized functions, and between focusing on the immediate task and creating awareness of greater possibilities.

The system top-level user interface—the Console—provides direct access to instruments, data, and eWorkflows™. The Instruments category displays a list of all instruments accessible to the user, and a set of live control panels for the selected instrument is automatically generated. Dedicated tab pages provide instant access to the Queue of injection sequences and to an Audit Trail listing the complete event history for the instrument. Control panels can be detached from the Console to monitor and control instruments while using other areas of the Console.

Category bars in the lower left of the Console provide instant access to instruments, data, and eWorkflows.

The Data category of the console displays a standard navigation tree. Folders can be easily organized and rearranged to fit project needs. Special icons in the tree indicate injection sequences—when one of these is selected, the full contents of the sequence are shown in the integrated Sequence Editor.

One-click on the category bar will display all accessible instruments.  Control panels (ePanels) specific to each instrument are automatically loaded and connected. Users also have one-click access to the instrument Audit Trail and Queue. ePanels can be modified and customized based on need and access level. An expanded range of display, switch, button and gauge options allow users to navigate more easily and learn operations more quickly.


The Data category of the Console provides a folder tree for navigation, and includes an integrated Sequence Editor that displays thumbnail images of acquired chromatograms.

The thumbnail images next to the injections provide an instant visual summary of the acquired chromatograms, and enable analysts to evaluate data at a glance. For example, QC chemists can spot anomalies, method developers can see which injections have well resolved peaks, and researchers can check if target compounds are present in samples without opening chromatograms one by one.

Of course, chromatographers often need more than a cursory look at the data, and sometimes need to make adjustments. For these tasks, the Chromeleon 7.2 CDS software presents the Chromatography Studio, an information-rich data viewer that provides immediate access to key items associated with the data set, such as the instrument conditions, the processing parameters, and the report. The Chromatography Studio’s contextual user interface provides easy access to features most relevant to the current task, and keeps secondary features out of the way (but within easy reach when needed).

The Chromatography Studio provides easy and efficient access to all aspects of an injection sequence within a single window frame. This integrated design eliminates the need to launch and manage different windows when working with a data set.