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More Right First Time Analyses

More 'Right First Time' Analyses

The new Intelligent Run Control (IRC) in Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) gives you complete control over your running sequence and is included as a standard feature requiring no extra licenses. 

Actions can be defined conditionally or unconditionally to be performed at the end of each injection with a simple wizard to guide the user through setting up these conditional system suitability test (SST) or unconditional cases. Existing test cases can be used as templates saving time and effort.


Wizard to create test cases


For conditional SST cases any variable can be monitored, including calculated amounts, allowing the user to perform specification checks during the run and react accordingly. The reference values themselves can be either fixed numbers or variables giving ultimate flexibility to create SST tests.

Any variable including calculated amounts can be used for evaluation of the condition


Different actions can be defined for passes and failures of the selected condition. For example, if my test passes, I want to create a smoothed copy of my chromatogram but if it fails, I want to re-inject the last Injection. An intuitive dialog allows the user to select, define, and re-order separate Pass and Fail Actions.


Dialog to define Pass Actions...

...and Fail Actions


Unconditional cases can be similarly defined without any prior conditional requirements (a pass result is assumed) allowing automatic actions to occur at the end of selected Injections.

Unconditional actions can also be set.


Built-in error handling ensures operation for both SST and unconditional test cases should one of the actions fail to execute. The options are to either continue to either the next action for this test case, the next test case for this Injection or to the next Injection, or alternatively abort the running Queue.

Built-in error handling ensures continued operation


With the new Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Intelligent Run Control, you can now gain control of your running analyses, ensuring you get more right first time analyses.