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Simplified Data Evaluation

Simplified Data Evaluation

Often when evaluating data, the analyst is presented with too much, or more commonly, insufficient on-screen data to effectively analyze samples. This results in time consuming opening and closing of data files, metadata and associated reports. By linking the on-screen panes to the chromatogram and/or the selected injections, Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) gives the analyst all the relevant information for processing data, giving faster and simplified data analysis.

One click of the mouse activates the linking and immediately all active panes reflect the currently displayed/selected peaks in the chromatogram and overlaid injections. As the zoom or overlaid injections are changed, the panes automatically update to the new settings.

Linking of the panes is activated by one mouse click


The linking ensures that the analyst always has all the relevant information displayed. Examples are:

Zooming the chromatogram limits the calibration plot and integration table to only the visible components



Selecting multiple components shows the calibration plots and limits the integration table to only those components


Selecting multiple injections limits the report summary table to only those injections



Selecting multiple components automatically updates the summary table to show all those components


The linking is also active in the report designer where different tables and plots can be linked to specific chromatogram plots to create customized, dynamic tables displaying only the relevant information to be reported.